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Large Glossy
paper bags 

These were such a GREAT price!
And still are at $1.27 per bag!
These are sturdy and the ribbon handles hold up well too.

Tissue Paper

Lots of color options and super affordable! We recommend you stick to ONE color that you can use over and over for different things.

This ribbon is also one of my favorites! I'm a bit stingy using it since the reunion! It's a gross grain ribbon so it has texture and is a little stiff so bows hold there shape well. LOVE it!

Another Amazing Ribbon
(Lots of color options)

We glued these to the bottom of the gold Hershy's Kisses as well as Reeces Peanut Butter cups and sprinkled them around the tables throughout the 2 days.

Candy Bottom Labels

We used this stand to hold a white brick backdrop for various family photos. We've used it since the reunion to hold twinkle lights and toole for wedding receptions, other backdrops for various photo shoots, and even to hang lighting from for other photography.

Backdrop stand

After the reunion this ribbon continued to be a WINNER! It's satin and there is a bunch of length on this roll. It's one of my very favorites and the color is great too!

One of my All time FAVorite Ribbons

I also own about a dozen of these in a variety of colors. Same easy clean and look nearly identically to Tablecloth #1.

Tablecloth #2

I literally own more than a dozen of these! Easy peasy clean up for sure!

Tablecloth #1

Photo Booth Fun

These were easy to tape the sticks to the cutouts and many people used them in our photo booth!

ITEMS WE LOVE FOR smashing reunions

In addition to the ones we make...of course.

"Their special approach to reunions helps you and your group focus on what’s important to ensure success."

As someone who has done dozens of reunions, this program gives you all the tools you need to plan a fantastic reunion and have fun doing it!

Everything is there for you. Every aspect covered If you get Smashing Reunions, you and your group will have a blast planning your next reunion and it will be a SMASHING success!


I have fond memories of family reunions as a kid. Sometimes it was the only time I saw cousins, but today younger generations just don't seem to be interested. Kelli is changing that with her Reunion Planning System.

Everything is geared towards planning a fun reunion and getting everyone involved. I've never seen anything like this planning system for kicking your family reunions up another notch!

Heather R.

With this ANYONE can succeed!

What a GREAT tool!!

The whole wide world will be grateful! Anyone who has been in charge of a reunion will LOVE it!! When things are too hard we quit doing them properly. With this anyone can succeed!

Sharla P.

I don't know where my family would have been without this System!

So many different moving parts to make a successful family reunion. I don't know where my family would have been without the Smashing Reunions Family Reunion Planning System! It helped us work as a team and have a fantastic fun well planned reunion!

Tiffanie M.