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Save time & get focused on what matters most while planning your reunion to make better decisions faster for SMASHING results!

Whatever you call it, a reunion, get-together, or a gathering it's all about family. 

We know by sharing the vision, the amazing happens: memories are created, new connections made, and relationships are fostered and built. 

Building amazing family connections doesn't happen by "accident". 

The SMASHING REUNIONS Ultimate Family Reunion Planning System helps you intentionally plan stronger, better reunions & family get-togethers to build those important relationships before it's too late.

Are you ready to build those strong family connections and make your good reunions great?


smashing reunions

We have a very specific way we take notes. This is a system Kelli learned in a million years ago!

It makes it easy to find items when your notes are by topic. These cute sheets make it fun to keep track of meetings, decisions, results, etc.

Here's what Kate T. said, "I absolutely love Kelli’s meeting notes template and have started using it for all of my other meetings!"


Every family reunion needs games! We don't just include the game cards in 2 sizes each but oh so much more! This Fun Family Photo Scavenger Hunt is 2 hunts in one package. We include a lot of ideas on how to customize the games specifically for your needs and competitiveness.

We also discuss the photos! What you can do with them and even how to use them. Because really don't you want to document some of your great adventures!


Seriously expanded checklists to ensure nothing is forgotten. Including long-term planners (18-24 months), mid-term planners (12 months), and short-term (6 months). These are checklists on steroids!

We've also tucked in some goodies for those who have less than 6 months to plan, tradeoffs made with short reunion turnarounds, and ways to simplify any reunion.

Chart your course - Checklists

This bundle includes 2 different Google Sheets, 2 Different Google Form Surveys, and videos for each to know how to use them!

Reunion Pocketbook: track income and expenses in a colorful way along with charts to visually and quickly see where your money is being spent. These save you the headache of doing the math on your own!

Reunion Relatives: track all relative contact details in smart ways so it's easily searchable and filterable if you need that! (We are spreadsheet lovers too!) 

Since these are on Google based files share family information with your committee or other family members electronically...easily!

2 pre-populated surveys using Google Forms so you just need to pop in your information and email to family members to get nearly instant feedback from your family members. And of course, we include a video showing how to do this!

Digi Tech Bundle

Our Power Planner is a power-packed 40+ pages to help you stay on track & on target while covering your entire reunion process!

It's divided into three sections:
Getting Ahead: Everything to get you rolling so your plans are implementing what you've defined as your goals. 

Memorable Reunions: All the moving pieces of your event to stay organized and not miss a step.

Keeping Connections: All the pieces you need for post-reunion to help stay connected and keep momentum between reunions.

It includes agendas, charts, planner calendars, how to incorporate the theme in a more cohesive way, survey questions, tracking food, activities, games, crafts, venue details tracker, goodie bag ideas, photoshoot must-haves & other goodies!

Like we said, Power-Packed!

Power Planner

This is THE KEY to your planning success. We've put together an activity that walks you and your committee through determining what a successful reunion is to you.

By determining upfront what your reunion goals are it's easier to know where to spend your money, time, and effort each of which increases your efficiency!

We've included the right questions to ask yourself & your team, blank forms to do the exercise independently, and even examples to get those creative juices flowing. (We said increase efficiency right!)

success by design: The activity


This is a digital download product available immediately after purchase. Please understand due to the nature of digital products we can't offer refunds.

Video walk-through of the spreadsheets so you know exactly how to use them

video walkthrough of surveys on google forms and how to use it

Video walk-through of the spreadsheets so you know exactly how to use them

Notes for Success: the best way we know to take notes

Fun Family Scavenger Hunt x2: two games to customize play, and play again

checklists to chart your course: don't miss a thing!

Digi Tech Bundle: track expenses & income, family details, pre-designed surveys

Power Planner - 40+ pages to write, plan, chart, and gain ideas from our examples

Success by Design: the activity-the key to your planning process

All Individual parts listed above which include:

Smashing Reunions Digi Tech bundle

what's included

"Their special approach to reunions helps you and your group focus on what’s important to ensure success."

As someone who has done dozens of reunions, this program gives you all the tools you need to plan a fantastic reunion and have fun doing it!

Everything is there for you. Every aspect covered If you get Smashing Reunions, you and your group will have a blast planning your next reunion and it will be a SMASHING success!


I have fond memories of family reunions as a kid. Sometimes it was the only time I saw cousins, but today younger generations just don't seem to be interested. Kelli is changing that with her Reunion Planning System.

Everything is geared towards planning a fun reunion and getting everyone involved. I've never seen anything like this planning system for kicking your family reunions up another notch!

Heather R.

With this ANYONE can succeed!

What a GREAT tool!!

The whole wide world will be grateful! Anyone who has been in charge of a reunion will LOVE it!! When things are too hard we quit doing them properly. With this anyone can succeed!

Sharla P.

I don't know where my family would have been without this System!

So many different moving parts to make a successful family reunion. I don't know where my family would have been without the Smashing Reunions Family Reunion Planning System! It helped us work as a team and have a fantastic fun well planned reunion!

Tiffanie M.

Frequently Asked Questions

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WHAT ARE TREATS (or Bonuses)?
Is there a refund option?

Due to the nature of electronic goods which are available immediately after purchase, please understand all sales are final. There are no refunds.

Is there a refund option?


These are extra little "treats" we are tucking into your virtual shopping bag. We just don't love the word "bonus".

What are Treats (or Bonuses)?


Our files come in a variety of different documents depending on the items. They are clearly identified on the product pages. Generally, books, activities, workbooks, planners, etc. are PDFs. Sometimes these may be electronically fillable. 

Other items that are spreadsheet driven or surveys generally are delivered via Google Drive as a Google Doc, Sheet, or Form.

Both Google Doc, and Sheet will work with Microsoft Word and Excel too.

Sometimes there are accompanying videos which are generally delivered via a viewable format. They are not downloadable.


meaningful family reunions with Genibliss



We've developed the "perfect" system for getting those photos out of the cloud, onto walls and into kids hands so they can relive and remember those moments!

After years of always feeling behind on my life's documentation now my grandchildren are looking through photos of themselves and hearing me tell them the story about the photo just a few months after the photo was taken.

Taking photos isn't a challenge...but documenting those moments can be a chore!

Today's Activities= Tomorrow's History

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