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Memory Making Moments
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Monthly memory Makers are fun for everyone!

Pajama Parties aren't just for kids! Jammies in January Monthly Idea Fun!

Everyone grab their jammies and lets make homemade donuts with a simple hot chocolate bar.

Each month in 2022 we're bringing you a fun family activity idea! Complete with:
     photos, recipes & our notes
     instructions & ideas to simplify,
     alternate ideas & encouragement!

all while keeping with the theme!

NOTE: These are electronic products you'll download.


Memory Makers: Minis

Do not fear...if you need or want a more simple homemade version, we've included a semi "homemade" option. After all, if you cook it, it's homemade right!

Homemade is time consuming, I need simple

We include options that are still jammie appropriate.

Don't want problem!

Homemade donuts are a family tradition for us that goes back now 7 generations!  We've also added our recipe notes to make it even easier for you. But no fear...if you don't want the truly homemade version, we've included a semi "homemade" option. Afterall if you cook it, it is homemade right!

We share our now 7 generation homemade donut recipe!

Our goal is to keep this document limited to three pages! We dive right in and tell you why we picked this particular activity. We tell you how to duplicate what we did with the recipe included. If you want to simplify what we did we included that too! 

short, simple, and to the point


This is a digital download product available immediately after purchase. Please understand due to the nature of digital products we can't offer refunds.
Smashing Reunions Digi Tech bundle

We've left the original recipe as is but added our options for a more updated version

Complete recipe that has linkly been used now for 7 generations in our family

three pages of fun - short & to the point

what's included

I have fond memories of family reunions as a kid. Sometimes it was the only time I saw cousins, but today younger generations just don't seem to be interested. Kelli is changing that with her Reunion Planning System.

Everything is geared towards planning a fun reunion and getting everyone involved. I've never seen anything like this planning system for kicking your family reunions up another notch!

Heather R.

"Their special approach to reunions helps you and your group focus on what’s important to ensure success."

As someone who has done dozens of reunions, this program gives you all the tools you need to plan a fantastic reunion and have fun doing it!

Everything is there for you. Every aspect covered If you get Smashing Reunions, you and your group will have a blast planning your next reunion and it will be a SMASHING success!


With this ANYONE can succeed!

What a GREAT tool!!

The whole wide world will be grateful! Anyone who has been in charge of a reunion will LOVE it!! When things are too hard we quit doing them properly. With this anyone can succeed!

Sharla P.

I don't know where my family would have been without this System!

So many different moving parts to make a successful family reunion. I don't know where my family would have been without the Smashing Reunions Family Reunion Planning System! It helped us work as a team and have a fantastic fun well planned reunion!

Tiffanie M.

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Is there a refund option?

Due to the nature of electronic goods which are available immediately after purchase, please understand all sales are final. There are no refunds.

Is there a refund option?


These are extra little "treats" we are tucking into your virtual shopping bag. We just don't love the word "bonus".

What are Treats (or Bonuses)?


Our files come in a variety of different documents depending on the items. They are clearly identified on the product pages. Generally, books, activities, workbooks, planners, etc. are PDFs. Sometimes these may be electronically fillable. 

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Pajama Parties aren't just for kids!

Jammies in January

Monthly memory makers are fun for the whole family!